“If war in the sky is what they want, they will find it with the Warbird. These highly evasive and maneuverable craft can engage both air and land targets.”
GG Icon Warbird
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Multirole aircraft
Cost 270
Resource drain -6/sec
Population 2
Produced by GG Icon Hangar Hangar
Health 100
Armour 0
Speed 325
Sight range 900
Damage 25
Penetration 6
Rate of fire 0.50s
Attack range 400
Traits GG Icon Trait Flies Flies
GG Icon Trait Fires While Moving Fires while moving

The Warbird is a Beta air unit.

The staple of the Beta’s air force. Warbirds can engage both air and ground targets, firing twin-barrel cannons at rapid speed.[2]


  • Warbirds are effective against both air and ground targets.
  • Though slower than its human counterparts, the Warbird’s attack packs a powerful punch, making it a valuable member of the Beta air force.
  • Only four Warbirds can be created from each hangar.


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  2. Petroglyph Games, Grey Box, Grey Goo. January 23, 2015.

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