The functionality of the Audio Tab in the Terrain Editor

Audio Tab Edit

The Audio tab allows you to set audio events which will determine which audio files play in certain areas. It will allow your map to have a unique combination of ambient sounds.

To start a new Audio path, Shift+Left click on the terrain. Hold the Shift button and Left-Click on subsequent areas that you wish to denote the borders of the audio activation/origination area.

  • Audio Paths
    • Current Audio Paths List
      • Path – Indicates the specific Audio Path denoted by the entry.
      • Looping Event – Lists the Looping Audio Event present in the indicated audio path.
      • Random Event – Lists the Intermittent Audio event present in the indicated audio path.
      • Edges – Number of edges or borders present on the Audio Path.
    • Looping Event – Event which will constantly play in the next audio path that is created.
    • Intermittent Event – Event which will periodically play in the next audio path that is created.
  • Mini Map – Visual representation of the current Audio Paths present on the map terrain.

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