Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Type Support unit
Cost 1x per Large protean
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Large Protean Large protean
Health 200
Armour 0
Speed 115
Sight range 600
Damage 6
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 2.5
Attack range 500
Traits AoE heal while attacking

The Siphon is a Goo support unit.

The Siphon's beam attack absorbs energy from nearby enemies and uses it to regenerate the health of units within its area-of-effect.

The Siphon was added as a new unit to the Goo faction in the Descent of the Shroud DLC.


  • The Siphon's healing capability is most effective when a large number of allied units are within its AoE.
  • Targeting higher-HP enemies with the Siphon provides more efficient healing than using it to attack multiple smaller units.
  • While the Siphon offers powerful healing, be sure to back it up with a sizeable number of units.

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