Faction GG Faction Icon Shroud Shroud
Type Infrastructure
Cost 900
Build time 0:20
Produced by Entity
Health 500
Armour 6
Speed 100 (undeployed)
Sight range 600
Traits Deploy / Undeploy

The extractor is a Shroud structure that collects catalyst. Unlike Human and Beta extractors, the Shroud's extractor does not require a refinery. It simply mines catalyst at a constant rate, and adds it to the player's catalyst total.

Each extractor adds catalyst once per second, in increments of either 8, 10 or 13 units, depending on the yield level of the catalyst field or spigot on which the extractor is placed.

Shroud extractors can "undeploy" which stops collecting resources, and allows them to walk around. The extractor can re-deploy on any catalyst pool and continue harvesting.

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