GG Icon Scimitar
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Type Bomber
Cost 350
Build time 0:50
Resource drain -7/sec
Population 2
Produced by GG Icon Assembler Factory
GG Icon Large Assembler Large factory
Requires GG Icon Air Pad Air Pad
Health 85
Armour 0
Speed 325
Sight range 800
Damage 60
Area of effect 0 (100 mine drop)
Penetration 10 (0 mine drop)
Rate of fire 2
Attack range 500
Traits GG Icon Trait Flies Flies
Upgrades GG Icon Tech Mine Drop Mine drop upgrade

The Scimitar is a Human air unit.

Human armies use these aerial bombers to soften up enemy troop positions. The bombs they drop deal damage over a single target.

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