Born Ecosystem 09
Relatives Sagah (father)
Kre (brother)
Alín (sister-in-law)
Race Beta
Gender Male
Affiliation Beta
Occupation Commander
“Today we teach our enemies to run from us.”
— Saruk after the battle at The Darwin's crash site.

Saruk is a Beta Aran (Field Commander).


While Saruk's father, Sagah, established the settlement on Ecosystem 09 (Nine) to keep the Beta safe, Saruk seeks to return the Beta to the stars. He longs for the day that his people can reclaim their true calling as great explorers.

Having spent his lifetime hiding from the enemy that savaged his father's generation, Saruk is ready to attempt the unprecedented feat of manipulating the passageways, called keyholes, that have both protected and imprisoned his people on Nine.

Unsure at what may await his people in the stars, Saruk is determined that, whatever the cost, the Beta people remain the authors of their own fate.


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