Previous Battle at Mago's Pass
Concurrent Termination
Next Battle at the Cauldron
Battle at the Terminal
Location Terminal, Ecosystem 09
GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
GG Faction Icon Humans Lucy Tak
GG Faction Icon Beta Saruk
GG Faction Icon Goo Prime 01.05
Faction GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
Primary objective Destroy the Goo
Defend the Beta HQ
Bonus objective(s) Build Alpha
Clean out Goo nests

The Battle at the Terminal is the fifth and final Human mission of Grey Goo.


The Beta have agreed to sacrifice their remaining catalyst to destroy the Goo once and for all. Singleton will lead a small force in the Terminal to set off the self-destruct with Redgrave's support. Lucy and Saruk must join forces to draw the outer guard from the Terminal and giver Singleton time to complete his mission. If successful, the Goo will be stopped here, though it will cost the Beta their ability to leave the planet.



  • Destroy the Goo
  • Defend the Beta HQ


  • Build Alpha
  • Clean out Goo nests

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