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Battle at the Shallows
GG Cut M12 Intro MUM Lander
Location The Shallows, Ecosystem 09
GG Faction Icon Goo Goo GG Faction Icon Humans Humans
GG Faction Icon Goo Singleton GG Faction Icon Humans Cobalt
Faction GG Faction Icon Goo Goo
Primary objective Hack MUM and protect the Mother Goo
Bonus objective(s) Destroy the 5 monitors
“Our sustained survival is dependent on gaining access to MUM's database.”

The Battle at the Shallows is the second Goo mission of Grey Goo.


“If it is Cobalt, we can pinpoint the likely locations of the Encryption Nodes.”

MUM data access required to obtain tactical information concerning hostile designate; Human and hostile designate: Beta. MUM network connection available in Human lander. Connection blocked by Firewall Encryption Nodes. Destroy encryption nodes. Access MUM database. Do not destroy lander. Survival dependent on results.




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