“When somethings stands the way, we send in the Avalanche. These heavy machines specialize in demolishing enemy structures and fortifications.”
GG Icon Avalanche
Faction GG Faction Icon Beta Beta
Type Heavy ground unit
Cost 585
Build time 1:05
Resource drain -9/sec
Population 3
Produced by GG Icon Small Factory Factory
GG Icon Large Factory Large factory
GG Icon Hand of Ruk Hand of Ruk
Requires Tank attachment, Artillery attachment
Health 200
Armour 6
Speed 90
Sight range 550
Damage 200
Area of effect 0
Penetration 10
Rate of fire 5
Attack range 400
Upgrades Autocannon upgrade
Allows Fires while moving

The Avalanche is a Beta ground unit.

The largest of the tripods, the Avalanche specializes in demolishing buildings and fortifications. The Avalanche fires a single, massive projectile capable of causing massive damage.

Tech upgradesEdit

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